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Policy Brief: Project „EU Economic Foresight“

Proposals for long-term European competitiveness, or: A new German approach to Europe after the federal elections?

‘Germany cannot go it alone’ so it says in the Policy Brief recently published by the project ‘EU Economic Foresight’. ‘The upcoming federal election’, the Brief continues, ‘offers Germany an opportunity to reconsider its economic strategy at the European level.’

What exactly does this mean? Give and take is the name of the game. Germany needs to look for pragmatic alliances to secure Europe’s long-term competitiveness. The paper makes six concrete proposals to do so:

  • A Parallel EU-Social Security System for Migrants
  • An Inter-Generational Alliance for European Employment and Education
  • Smart Alliances for an Open Transatlantic Trade Agreement
  • EU Electric Grid Expansion during Times of Economic Crisis
  • A Promotion of Innovation: Minimum EU standards for R&D tax-deductibility
  • A European Entrepreneurship Initiative

These proposals have resulted from scenario analyses in the areas of trade, employment, energy and innovation.

Read more on the scenario analysis here (German).

Find the Policy Brief here.


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