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New Article reconsiders Turkey’s Claim For Energy Leadership

A new article has been published that takes on the Turkish claim for energy leadership. Turkey aspires to become an energy leader by becoming an energy hub. Importantly, this implies the assumption that being an energy hub would actually result in energy leadership. Whether the energy hub-energy leadership link holds, however, has so far hardly been scrutinized. This article intends to close this argumentative gap. It argues that Turkey has demonstrated increasing energy leadership in recent years. The virtually certain construction of the TANAP/TAP duo, however, signals important changes: the phase of becoming an energy hub is over for Turkey and the country enters a new phase of being an energy hub. This new phase promises little in terms of leadership. The article concludes by proposing a way to reinvigorate Turkish energy leadership on a grander scale: The country should become a sustainable energy leader.

Where will Turkey’s energy foreign policy go in the future?

Read the whole paper on the Istanbul Policy Center’s website.

Author: Jörn Richert


Fore more on Turkish Energy Leadership click here

Fore more on Turkish Energy Leadership click here


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Fore more on Turkish Energy Leadership click here:

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